The PGA’s New Crop of Long Hitters

Day 110 without playing golf

J.B. Holmes is just one of a dozen new long hitters on the PGA Tour. More than half of the 22 players who are averaging over 300 yards are fresh out of Q school or come from the Nationwide Tour.

“It’s better to have a wedge in the rough than a 7-iron in the middle of the fairway,” Holmes told USA Today. “That’s just the way it’s going now.”

It’s hard to fault Holmes’ logic, especially after he cruised to a seven-stroke victory in the FBR Open last weekend. With six for six sand saves and just 108 putts, Holmes’ short game was as deft as his drives were long.

The 300 Club

The new kids on the tee block:

  1. Bubba Watson / 324.9 yards / Nationwide Tour
  2. J.B. Holmes / 313.5 / Q school
  3. Camillo Villegas / 311.8 / Nationwide Tour
  4. Robert Garrigus / 308.6 / Q school
  5. Steven Bowditch / 305.9 / Nationwide Tour
  6. Will MacKenzie / 303.4 / Q school
  7. Rober Tambellini / 302.5 / Nationwide Tour
  8. Jeff Gove / 301.5 / Nationwide Tour
  9. Jon Mills / 300.8 / Nationwide Tour
  10. Bubba Dickerson / 300.6 / Q school
  11. Chris Couch / 300.1 / Nationwide Tour
  12. Henry Bjornstad / 300.0 / Q school

Hubba Bubba! Two Bubbas in the top twenty. How about that?

The Armchair Golfer

(Source: USA Today)

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