PGA Tour to Unveil New High-Tech Scoreboards

The PGA Tour is set to debut 22 new high-tech scoreboards at The Players Championship that are 75 percent larger than current scoreboards and function much like the giant video screens in modern sport arenas.

The new scoreboards will have capabilities that are much closer to television in terms of text, graphics and video. They’re mobile, wireless and engineered to alleviate glare.

“Technology is moving down the road and we’re moving with it,” the PGA Tour’s Steve Evans told the New York Times.

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(Source: New York Times)

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2 thoughts on “PGA Tour to Unveil New High-Tech Scoreboards”

  1. These new boards will bring a whole new feel to the tournaments. I think it’s a cool system but I’m certain some of the old schoolers will protest. They’ll mutter “Why fix what ain’t broke in the first place?” Come on boys… let’s all take another step into the future.


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