PGA Tour Press Tent: Tiger Heads to Airport

PGA Tour Press Tent: Tiger Heads to Airport 1
The only sign of Tiger this weekend will be the ads. (ATIS547/Flickr)

RANDOM RESULTS AND QUOTES from the second round of the 2009 WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

Tim Clark beat Tiger Woods 4 and 2. NBC announced new layoffs. (Not really.) The quotes:

Q. Where do you go from here?

TIGER WOODS: Go to the airport.

Q. Did you think Tiger was firing on all cylinders today, or is he maybe not quite there yet?

TIM CLARK: Again, I would hate to comment on that. I don’t want to get him angry for the next time I play him, so I’m going to leave that one alone (laughter).

Rory McILroy defeated Hunter Mahan 1-up. He will now face Clark. The quote:

Q. How disappointed are you that Tiger didn’t win?

RORY McILROY: I’m not (laughing).

Stewart Cink defeated Lee Westwood in 23 holes. The quote:

Q. Have you seen the bracket? Who have you got next round?

STEWART CINK: I got Mickelson.

Ian Poulter defeated Charl Schwartzel 1-up. Next up, Sean O’Hair. The quote:

Q. Do you have much knowledge of your opponent tomorrow?

IAN POULTER: Well he’s a good golfer. Anybody in the top 64 is going to be a tough game.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Quotes courtesy of ASAP Sports)

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2 thoughts on “PGA Tour Press Tent: Tiger Heads to Airport”

  1. So I’ll say it, he wasn’t ready and we know it, Tiger – Clark please. This was a meal for Tiger, and Clark -6 most of the round, I have to give Clark his props = great performance. Tiger take that rest and stop trying to prove a point, we know who you are, sit March out, play a little and hit the Masters with a bang!! There I said It

  2. I have to disagree, MH. As hard as it is to believe, even Tiger can lose. You’re right, Clark played great.

    There were many good reasons for Tiger to return this week. Physically, he’s way better than he’s been in years. Also, Accenture is a major Tiger sponsor, so I think Tiger knew it was important to make an appearance (if ready). Plus, the tour needs him, obviously.

    As far as his play, Tiger needs holes and rounds to shake off any rust and get tuned up again for tour competition. He can’t get that by hitting balls and playing practice rounds at home in Florida.


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