Peter Alliss’s Baby Weight and Other Burning Questions

It’s Open week and people are scouring the Web for all manner of Open golf-related facts. For example, someone stopped by here this morning wanting to know “how heavy was Peter Alliss as a baby?” (Peter Alliss is a BBC golf commentator and was a golf professional who won three British PGA Championships and played on eight Ryder Cup teams.)

Unfortunately, all they found at the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG was a story about Alliss’s matchplay secrets and how he beat Arnold Palmer in the Ryder Cup.

Being the curious sort, I poked around for more information on Alliss. I did find a very recent Peter Alliss Q&A at BBC SPORT Golf. It covered some fairly interesting ground, but Alliss wasn’t asked about his weight.

So how heavy was Peter Alliss as a baby? I can’t say with any certainty. I’ll guess eight pounds. Please chime in if you know the answer or have an opinion.

I do know that Alliss has been a golf commentator for 46 years. He was a baby for about one year, although some might disagree. I grew up listening to Peter Alliss, and like him or not the Open wouldn’t be the same without him.

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