Paula Creamer: The Power of Pink

Paula Creamer: The Power of Pink 1Creamer in black. (N Gottwald/Flickr)

A good year got even better for Paula Creamer this past weekend with her dominating win at the LPGA’s Tournament of Champions in Mobile, Alabama. Creamer cruised to an eight-shot victory, firing a final-round 68 for a 20-under total of 268.

The only question in Paula’s mind seemed to be if she could win with the pink ball. The answer was an emphatic yes.

“All of my other tournaments that I won have been with the white ball. So, this was a little added pressure I put on myself with that, but I’m glad I won with my pink ball,” Creamer told the press.

It’s been a solid year for Paula, who won early at the SBS Open in Hawaii and is now finishing strong with a late-season win. Creamer has risen to third on the money list and No. 6 in the women’s world rankings.

In an August email interview with the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG, Paula said her goal for 2008 is to “WIN MAJORS!” (The caps were hers.)

The 21-year-old star is proving she is capable, no matter the ball color.

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