One Blogger’s 2009 Golf Predictions

One Blogger’s 2009 Golf Predictions 1I ASKED MIRANDA at Even Par Round if she had any predictions for 2009. Making predictions is a risky business, especially in golf. I’m terrible. I just pick Tiger, even when he’s not playing.

But Miranda … well … she picked Angel Cabrera to win the 2007 U.S. Open. Seriously.

(Who else had Angel? Let’s see a show of hands. That’s what I thought.)

So I think you understand why I will forever idolize Miranda. Here are a few of her 2009 predictions (abbreviated):

• Sergio Garcia will fade and not do nearly as well as in 2008
• Michelle Wie won’t win
• Greg Norman will miss the cut at the Masters
• Padraig Harrington will disappoint in the majors
• Lorena Ochoa will slow down in the win department

“Most of these are negative predictions,” she wrote at her blog.

“I think it’s easier to say what won’t happen as opposed to what will. And besides, if I’m wrong, then it’s good for golf.”

But she might also be right.

−The Armchair Golfer

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6 thoughts on “One Blogger’s 2009 Golf Predictions”

  1. Sergio will fade, but Im keeping my eye on Ben Curtis, KJ Choi, Geoff Olgivy. Wait I didn’t put by baby first, Adam Scott!!!. I think these guys will pull some tricks out this year. Michelle Wie will come around late in the season, she might win something (finally) Lorena will keep her flow, Greg Norman (huh) he will play but just to be out there. Tiger dont know, baby on the way and the marriage pressure will sit in. Mad Hatter will drop 6 strokes, find a pink glove, and put little gems on it.

  2. I have to disagree on Sergio and Harrington.

    Serj (Serg?, Surge?) seems to be getting and increasingly better handle on his emotions and as soon as he gets the chip off his shoulder he’ll be off to the races.

    Harrington – Have you ever seen a more intense, determined looking golfer? I mean, besides Tiger. Padraig may even have Tiger beat in that category. I think he’s going to carry it through the next few years. Maybe he won’t reapeat 2008, but he’ll be successful.



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