No One Recovers Like Tiger Woods

No One Recovers Like Tiger Woods 1TRAILING PADRAIG HARRINGTON by three strokes starting the final round at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, Tiger Woods began with par, eagle, par, birdie, birdie to race to a front-nine 30 and a two-shot lead over Harrington.

Paddy must have felt like he was hit by a bus. But he has a lot of grit, and when Wild Tiger (the one who sprays tee shots) started missing fairways, the stubborn Irishman slipped back into the lead. He was grinding hard — and not blinking.

Then came the par-5 16th hole. Both players missed the fairway. Both were well back from the green after their second shots — Harrington was in the rough.

Tiger launched a 180-yard 8-iron over the water that landed like a dart and sucked back to within a foot of the hole. Unbelievable? No. It’s Tiger, folks.

Tough but mortal, Paddy went on to make the dreaded Snowman. Game over.

(UPDATE: Tiger and Padraig were put on the clock on No. 16, which, according to Tiger, probably rushed his rival’s shotmaking on what turned out to be the pivotal hole. Too bad. It was a great duel up to that point.)

Who except Tiger can hit that 8-iron shot? There’s only one guy I can think of — Phil Mickelson — but he doesn’t do it nearly as often in crunch time as the world No. 1.

With the PGA Championship this week, will Tiger make it three W’s in a row?

−The Armchair Golfer

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4 thoughts on “No One Recovers Like Tiger Woods”

  1. Yesterday on #17, a 400 yard par 4, Tiger a 5-iron 220 and left himself 180 yards. And made an easy par. He does that same number, 180 yards, a lot. (He did the same thing on #17 today)

    Goofy Gary McCord said people weren't keeping wedges on the 16th putting green, how was Tiger going to keep a long iron on? I guess he has to prove himself to Gary every tournament.

    I do not think he to prove himself to either you or me…

  2. Tiger has just played phenomenally lately and in WGC's in general. Now 15 for 30 at WGC's career. 50%, thats double his career win% of 25%, and 4 times that of 2nd place career at 12% win%. Just incredible.

  3. There are no words to adequately describe just how good this man is at what he does. His B game, which he brings with him many times, is good enough to keep him in the hunt until his A game can kick in. It takes Tiger approximately a month to accomplish what others require a lifetime to do. I am not a fan, but I am a believer.

  4. The only bad thing about Tiger winning is the inevitable fanbois who know nothing about golf and less about its mercurial nature drooling all over themselves when they talk about Tiger.

    Please let me be clear, I'm NOT talking about you guys, I'm talking about YOU, ESPN!

    Tiger is one of the best golfers we have ever seen, and the first true great to emerge in the age of satellite/cable television. Barring injury, he will almost certainly retire holding every important record in professional golf.

    Great is too small a word to describe him, yes, but Tiger is not the only great golfer to ever swing a stick…not that ESPN knows that. Their hyperbole is enough to make Tiger Woods dislike himself, much less many golf fans.


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