New Putting Drill Has Tiger Primed for Masters

New Putting Drill Has Tiger Primed for Masters 1
Steve Stricker isn’t the only reason why Tiger Woods is putting better. (Courtesy of The Onion)

I KNOW THIS WILL AROUSE SUSPICION since today is April Fool’s Day. But I don’t consider it any more far-fetched than the daily hullabaloo about Tiger Woods, his new girl friend, his latest commercial, his short game, his you name it.

The new putting drill is pretty simple. You putt a large baby into its diaper. It can be a baby boy or a baby girl (pictured). It really doesn’t matter. Make sure the baby is face up and the diaper is clean.

Devised by an unnamed putting guru, there are a few key ideas behind the new drill:

  1. It prevents your putting stroke from breaking down. The drill forces you to use the big muscles and follow through toward the target.

  2. If you can get a baby rolling smoothly, then you can stroke any golf ball and master any putting surface with ease (including those notoriously slick greens at Augusta National).

  3. It builds confidence.

For Tiger, it’s all about the process, and this drill is building the kind of putting confidence that helped him win four Green Jackets. Don’t be surprised if next week at Augusta National you hear Tiger say, “Get in there, baby!”

You’ll know why.

(From the ARMCHAIR GOLF archives.)

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