MORNING READ: The PGA Tour Money List Is Dead

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FOR MORNING READ, JOHN HAWKINS writes about the demise of the PGA Tour money list:

The money list is dead. 

Actually, it died more than 10 years ago, but it can take a while to notice such things, and most people have more important things to lie awake about, anyway. 

Although there was no funeral, the money list definitely was buried. You can find it in a faraway corner of the PGA Tour website, where it rests in peace with a bunch of picayune statistical data.

There was a time when the dollar tally basically governed the pro game, not only determining exempt status but who got to play where. 

A victory still earns a man 18 percent of the total purse on any given week, but since the advent of the FedEx Cup in 2007, players officially are ranked by points accumulated, not nickels collected. 

In fact, the Tour doesn’t even publish individual earnings on its final leaderboards, which is a bit like buying a Rolls-Royce, then hiding it in your attic. Read more

(Psst. If you want to see the PGA Tour money list, go here.)

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