More Golf Tidbits from Author John Coyne

More Golf Tidbits from Author John Coyne 1Not long ago I published a Q&A with John Coyne, author of The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan. You can read it here.

John provided thorough and interesting answers, so I did what any content-greedy golf blogger would do — I saved some. Below are two more of John’s responses.

Plus, you can read about four of his favorite golfers at Down the Middle.

Armchair Golf: What are your favorite golf events?

JOHN COYNE: The Masters, of course, though I have never been to the tournament. And the Westchester, which I go to every year. It is played near where I live in Westchester County, New York.

But I guess the British Open is my favorite all-time golf tournament. It all started there in Great Britain. Here’s an odd and interesting fact. Years ago when I first visited Scotland — this would have been in 1964 — I ended up in a cemetery outside of Edinburgh. (Not sure why now.) But walking around I saw dozens of headstones with images of golfers, comments about the deceased’s love of the game. The Scots love the game so much that they take it with them to the grave.

Armchair Golf: Do you play golf? How is your game?

JOHN COYNE: Yes, I do play, not well. I have never joined a country club but play on some wonderful public courses in Westchester and Columbia counties in New York State. I play to a 7 when the going is good. When I was younger I had it down to around a plus 2 and thought at one time — this was when I was still in school — of turning pro, but I didn’t have the personality for dealing with members. I wasn’t the best player in the family. I had an older brother Jim who played on the Western Michigan University golf team. He could have been a pro. He was good and he had the right temperament.

For four of John’s favorite golfers, head to Down the Middle. (See how many you recognize, especially if you’re under the age of 50.)

Sometime in the near future I’ll have a preview of John’s next golf novel.

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7 thoughts on “More Golf Tidbits from Author John Coyne”

  1. I’m sure he’s a great bloke but I have to tell you, false modesty never sounds more irritating than when it comes from a golfer:

    “JOHN COYNE: Yes, I do play, not well…I play to a 7”

    Seven? Give me a break…

  2. Jeffrey, I can understand your irritation. Most golfers will never know what it’s like to play to a 7.

    But consider it in relative terms. Coyne used to be a plus 2. Yes, that’s better than scratch, which means on a good day he could get it around many courses in the high 60s.

    Playing today to a 7 is a considerable drop off from where he once was. I’ve noticed that it’s the way almost every golfer views his game, even if it sounds arrogant to others.

    And as good as Coyne was (and is), he wasn’t even the best golfer in his family.

  3. Note from blog author: When you see “comment deleted,” it’s more than likely what I consider to be “comment spam,” typically commercial sites that are automatically commenting to created a link to their sites.

  4. Could you tell me if John C. Coyne ever lived in St. Louis or attended St. Louis University. Is his wife’s name Marie? Did he ever live at #5 Brentmoor Park, Clayton, Missouri?

    In searching the net I have not been able to verify information on Mr. Coyne. Any help would be appreciated.


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