Miller: USA Will Win Ryder Cup

NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller has spoken.

“This might be their weakest team ever, at least on paper,” Miller told the Associated Press. “But they’ve still got enough good players that if they play clutch golf and come together as a team, they can win. And I believe they will.”

Part of Miller’s rationale is that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are both due to have a good Ryder Cup. And that Tiger wants to wipe away the one big blemish on his career thus far.

Although Johnny predicted a U.S. victory, he didn’t give American golf a free pass.

“Seven of the top 30 in the world are Americans. That’s unfathomable,” Miller said. “I can’t believe the state of the game in America. … It’s like you’ve got 12 guys — three of them are firing a 50-millimeter cannon and nine guys are BB guns. The bottom line is, the U.S. has got to step it up.”

Step up time begins on Friday morning with Mr. Woods and Mr. Furyk.

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