Memphis in the Meantime

Memphis in the Meantime 1“Let’s go to Memphis in the meantime, baby.”
−John Hiatt

This week definitely reminds me of the above lyric from the John Hiatt song.

I admit I’m looking ahead with a full shag bag of anticipation to the U.S. Open. Can’t wait. I think most golf enthusiasts feel the same way, especially anticipating the pairing of the world’s top three players: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott.

The PGA Tour is in Memphis in the meantime, with a logjam of players at three under. Tough conditions, apparently. Three under after two rounds? In Memphis? Surreal.

In Maryland at the McDonald’s LPGA Championship, Lorena Ochoa is bidding for the second leg of the Grand Slam and her third straight major. She has a one-shot lead heading into the third round.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. I think the big story this week should be the heat. It’s 100 degrees at the LPGA and probably really close to that in Memphis. I know it’s really hot here in WV – in between the two.

  2. jackagentShame on Bubba Watson

    I recently did some scoring work for NBC at this years US Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego. I had the misfortune to score for the threesome of J.B. Holmes, Andrew Sveboda and Bubba Watson. I say misfortune because of the behavior of one Bubba (low class)Watson. First on the 9th or 10th hole his drive hits a spectator on the arm. Not a big deal however instead of going over to the guy and giving him a golf ball or glove like Tiger would do, he sends his caddie. Yes caddie, who merely gave him his condolences…. Even the USGA official with the group was surprised. Caddie… what’s with that. Then on the 14th hole his playing partner, Sveboda hits his drive left of the fairway and searches for his ball in the underbrush. J.B. Holems helps Sveboda look for the ball but not low class he hangs around his ball and does nothing. Bubba you are supposed to help….. Obviously in Milton Florida they play with a different set of rules and etiquette. Bubba maybe a trip to a Milton is in order for Etiquette class 101 “How to conduct myself on a golf course” is in order?

    Jack McElroy
    4047 Mizner Cir Jax. Fl 32217


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