Meet the 5 Winners of Rocco’s Book, ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’

Meet the 5 Winners of Rocco’s Book, ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’ 1THERE WERE FIVE LUCKY winners of a free drawing for a hardcover edition of ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The Story of Rocco Mediate’s Extraordinary Battle with Tiger Woods at the U.S. Open. The book is by Rocco and bestselling author John Feinstein.

And here they are:

Terri Quinn, New Jersey

My husband already told me that he gets to read the book first when it arrives. He’s a huge John Feinstein fan, and the main golfer in our family. I’m his partner when he can’t find anyone else to play with him. He was actually able to play the Old Course in St. Andrews while I walked the first two and last five holes with him. A trip of a lifetime! He grew up in Long Island and had played Bethpage Black several times with his father, so he really enjoyed watching this year’s Open. We watch both PGA and LPGA tournaments, and try to go see them in person whenever possible. We’re both Tiger Woods fans, but I also like Camilo Villegas, John Daly and Rocco (of course).

Jim Martin, Arizona

I’m a huge fan of Rocco and what he’s accomplished. And, one of my all-time favorite books is John Feinstein’s A Good Walk Spoiled. So, I’m looking forward to reading their collaborative effort on the book.

Mike Grossman, Texas

My golf interests are pretty varied as I play anywhere from resorts to public courses in the area. I enjoy the challenge of playing against the elements and don’t shy away from the Dallas heat, cold or rain (although I stay away from lightning).

Tom Donahoe, Idaho

I’m a partner in an advertising/PR firm. I’m also a partner in Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer, the tackifying towel that improves grip even in wet conditions. Although I spend a lot of time in the business of golf, I have to make time for playing. I have a renewed interest since Hank Haney (a GG endorser) taught me to flatten my swing and slow my pace. What a difference! I’m hitting about 70 percent of my drives in the fairway, shooting in the 80s, and enjoying the game so much more.

George McDowell, North Carolina
George got interested in the game of golf through his study of Ben Hogan, who he now impersonates in his one-man show that has appeared in theaters throughout the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.

Thanks to all who entered. Keep coming back to ARMCHAIR GOLF for more golf coverage, including more free drawings.

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