Matchplay Secrets: Jim Gallagher Jr.

Matchplay Secrets: Jim Gallagher Jr. 1Today’s final matchplay installment features Jim Gallagher Jr. whose one Ryder Cup appearance was at The Belfry in 1993. In his only career singles match, Gallagher went head to head with European great Seve Ballesteros.

Memorable matchplay victory:
Gallagher stunned Ballesteros with a 3 and 2 victory in Ryder Cup singles. “I was nervous, no question, but there was more pressure on him than me, while I was probably twice as motivated to try to beat such a great player.” The U.S. retained the Cup by a slim 15-13 margin.

Notable quote:
“If you show too much of a weakness, a good opponent is going to eat that up and destroy you.”

Gallagher’s matchplay pointers:
• You can beat anybody on any given day, even Tiger Woods
• I’m better if I play smart but aggressive
• Try to get off to a quick start and get up early — it takes the pressure off
• Body language is huge — if a guy does something different in his routine, you know he’s nervous
• If an opponent won’t look you in the eyes, you might have him
• If an opponent is staring you down, be careful — he’s not scared

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