Masters Notebook: They Stole Our Tournament

I want the Masters back. Give it back.

OK, we get it. No one will ever shoot 18 under again. But please. This is ridiculous.

The men who run this tournament control a lot. But they don’t control the weather. And they’ve gone too far. Mix cold, windy weather with course alterations and diabolical greens and what you have is a golf freak show.

There’s no joy at Augusta National. No roars. No fist pumps. No smiles. Above all, no birdies. It’s like watching a funeral. This isn’t the Masters.

I’ll watch the U.S. Open in June when they play our national tournament at Oakmont. I’ll accept that par is a good score and average rounds of 77.

But this weekend I want to watch the Masters. Give it back.

The Armchair Golfer

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  1. The funeral analogy is an interesting one considering the people who control the Masters are really, really old men. They probably spend a lot of time thinking about funerals, reading obituaries.


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