Masters Madness

Day 143 without playing golf

I don’t know about you, but the only thing I’m really looking forward to right now in golf is The Masters. Sure, The Players Championship can have some drama. But let’s face it, everything is a warm-up until The Masters.

Should the field just concede to Tiger now? Will someone — anyone — rise up and challenge Mr. Woods? I hope so. Golf is pretty boring when one guy after another swerves into the ditch when Tiger is in the rearview mirror.

As great as Jack was, there were several fellows (Trevino, Miller, Watson) who had the Titleists to take him on. I’m so ready to see someone challenge Tiger on the big stages in golf.

Maybe this year, maybe this April. Let’s hope.

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  1. The Masters – the Biggest Stage in Golf. I think you’re right – all the rest is just a warm up to The Masters. I have friends that have friends fly in just to spend Masters week together playing golf and partying. I’m too much of a transient to have this happen.

    Yes, when is someone going to step up and challenge Tiger? You have to admit, though, watching El Tigre play golf is nothing short of musical – even when he doesn’t have his “A-game”. As golfers, we all know that your ability to score when all is not right is the essence of the game and a measure of your skill. El Tigre has done that from day one – and untameable when he has it.

    I watched Jack in his prime and he remains my golf hero. He was truly great, but could he challenge Tiger today? What would and does it take to make such a challenge? Mental toughness? A swing that holds up to the pressure? Zinger’s short game? Crenshaws’s putter? I think all of the above. Did Jack have it? Probably, but we’ll never know.

    I don’t think there is any question that today’s players are more fit, better equipped, and trained to play the game than golfers of the past ever dreamed of being. What if Jack were trained in this “Modern Era” of fitness, flexibility and technology? Could he compete?

    As for this April my friend – Eldrick “Tiger” Woods is the odds on favorite. Any challenger better be “en fuego” as Chris Berman would say!

    Say, 143 days without golf? – I think I’d be in re-hab by now! You must be from New England!

  2. The Masters is a wank, it’s an invitational tournament with 70 yr old legends included, how it gets to be classified as a major is beyond me, The Open and the US Open have full fields with pre qualifying around the world (at least The Open does), the Masters just allows for the priviliged to retain their playing rights, same as the season opening Mercedes Championship and the events under the umbrella of the WGC, fine by me, let them have the events but don’t let invitational events, like the Masters count on the official money top 125, all it does is further enshrine the elite instead of allowing others through, just remember John Daly


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