Masters Food: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Masters Food: A Tradition Unlike Any Other 1
The Patrons Menu. (Wally Baba/Flickr)

To my knowledge, I’ve never eaten a pimento cheese sandwich. Unless my parents served me one when I was a boy, in which case I ate every bite. That was the rule.

However, I may eat one next Monday when I attend my first Masters. It’s a tradition, and I can see myself being duped by tradition, especially at Augusta National Golf Club.

The crazy thing? Even if it makes me gag, I’m only out $1.50. I repeat, buck-fifty. (7% tax included.) Like most things Masters, the food prices are frozen in the 20th century.

Of course, I could splurge and get a Master Club sandwich. That would set me back $2.50. Throw in a bag of chips and a beer and I’m shelling out more than a Lincoln. Me and my big-spending ways.

Seriously, if you add up everything on the Patrons Menu (that’s Masters insider talk) I don’t think it comes to $30. The Masters is definitely in some kind of weird time warp.

Food aside, I just hope the course will be in decent shape. I’ve heard it can be pretty nice this time of year.

−The Armchair Golfer

Masters Food: A Tradition Unlike Any Other 2

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10 thoughts on “Masters Food: A Tradition Unlike Any Other”

  1. How is it going in Augusta? I am a chef, writer, and sports fan and am always fascinated by ‘what they eat at these things!’ This is great information, thank you! BTW, we had to eat a few pimento cheese sandwiches when we were kids, they’re awful.

  2. I've been fortunate to go to The Masters many times and I had find the food to be great. My personal favorite is the Ham and Cheese on Rye followed closely by the Egg Salad. I was not an Egg Salad fan until I had it at The Masters.

    You will also notice the only food with their standard labels are the candy. The chips, drinks, and beer are all in plain cups or bags.

    PS. Try Pimento Cheese on a burger, by far the best way to eat it.

  3. I was blessed to go last year and couldn't believe the food prices and free parking…of course, I spent everything I saved (and then some) in the merchandise area! The pimento cheese was good, and there's nothing like having one at The Masters. Like Ben, I also liked the Egg Salad, and also REALLY liked the BBQ Chicken Sandwich. One other tip…spring for the extra 0.50 for the souvenir cups for your beverages. Cheapest keepsake around!!!

  4. Every sandwich at the tounament is good. I've developed such a fondness that I've taken a cooler to in my car and bought about 100 sandwiches to take home. When I get home I freeze them. Every day about 10AM I take a couple of sandwiches out of the freezer and lay them on my desk. My noon they're ready to eat!

    And for the guy who likes pimento cheese on his burger. . . if you go through Atlanta on the way to Augusta you must eat at the Varisty. Get a cheese steak (nowadays you have to ask for pimento cheese). It is a sublimely messy little cheese burger from the world's largest drive-in.


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