Test: Are You Golf Obsessed?

Mastercard is running an online promotion that features a golf obsession test. It’s an interactive quiz that includes David Feherty, Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw, Laura Diaz and John Barmon Jr. (Spaulding Smails from Caddyshack).

One of the teasers reads: “Some people play golf, others live it. Which are you?”

Test: Are You Golf Obsessed? 1Look, I already know the answer. If you’re reading this, you’re golf obsessed in my book. But head over anyway and take the test. It’s good for a few laughs.

(You might even download and use Ben Crenshaw’s voice mail message like I did.)

How did I do on the test? 98th percentile. Nothing to brag about. I’m not satisfied with anything less than 100 percent.

The (Obsessed) Armchair Golfer

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