Luke Swilor’s Q School Diary: Stage 1, Day 4

Luke Swilor's Q School Diary: Stage 1, Day 4 1(Photo courtesy of Luke Swilor)

Canadian Tour player Luke Swilor’s second PGA Tour Q School run ended yesterday at Stage 1 at Dayton Valley Country Club in Dayton, Nevada. Following is Luke’s final diary entry.

Stage 1, Day 4

The weather starting the day was perfect to make a comeback: cold and windy. I was feeling good about the day, and I hit two good shots into 10 (my first). Missing the six-foot birdie putt was a sign of things to come.

I then hit a good drive on the par-five 11th, but failed to make birdie. Bogey, bogey, double on the next three pretty much took me out of the game.

I tried to keep my chin up the rest of the way in. After such a bad stretch of holes, that can be tough, especially realizing what was lost. I managed to play decent on the front nine, but still ended with a 76.

The other scores showed just how perfect a day it was to make up ground. The qualifying number actually came down two shots, and ended up at -5.

The opportunity was there, but I didn’t take it.

So here we are. It really is crushing to go home after a week like this. Really tough. There are a lot of good players who go home every year with this same feeling.

Getting over this can only make me tougher, but still…

Next year.

−Luke Swilor

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