Lorena Ochoa’s Magical Wrists

Lorena Ochoa’s Magical Wrists 1(N Gottwald/Flickr)

When Lorena Ochoa was five years old, she climbed a tree at the Guadalajara Country Club and tumbled to the ground, breaking both of her small wrists. Young Lorena wore a cast that extended from her shoulders to fingers for three months.

“They said the doctor gave me magical wrists, some magic in my hand,” the AP quoted Ochoa as saying earlier this week.

I guess.

Will Lorena Ochoa out-Tiger Tiger? That’s the hot topic of many recent stories with both world No. 1 players out of action this week. Woods is recuperating from knee surgery; Ochoa is taking a break after winning four straight events.

Like Tiger, Lorena is casting a long shadow on her tour. Ochoa is the subject even when she isn’t playing. Media conferences with other players routinely include at least one Lorena question.

For example, here’s one posed to Annika Sorenstam yesterday:

“With Lorena Ochoa on this run, is that a bit dispiriting, or how do you deal with what she’s doing?”

“Well, I really have to mind my own business,” Annika said. “She’s playing some amazing golf. There’s nothing to say about that other than congratulate her.”

With five wins in six events, including the year’s first major, Lorena is on her way to a truly dominant season. One, perhaps, that even Tiger Woods might envy.

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  1. Yes Lorena Ochoa is the “Tigeress” of the LPGA. So next time she’s out on the course and prowling for another “WIN!” just call her “La Tigra de Mexico” Anonymous


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