Lorena Ochoa: ‘I Like the Way I’ve Started’

Lorena Ochoa: ‘I Like the Way I’ve Started’ 1Twenty under. That pretty much says it all about the first 2008 start for Lorena Ochoa at the HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore. Lorena won by 11 strokes over second-place finisher Annika Sorenstam.

When asked to put her opening victory into context, Lorena said:

It means a lot. To me it’s a great motivation, you know? It makes me want to play better, to win more. But like I said, sometimes there is just no explanation. It just happens and it was a great win for me. Everything came together at the right place, and I’m ready to keep going. I do want to have a great year this year. I know it’s going to be tough, we’re just at the beginning, but I like the way I’ve started.

And what did Annika think of Lorena’s performance?

She’s playing well, but it’s nothing I don’t think that’s not achievable by any means. I think I’m playing as good from tee to green, so I’m very proud of the way I hit it.

It’s only one tournament, but I think Annika and the rest of the ladies have their work cut out for them.

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5 thoughts on “Lorena Ochoa: ‘I Like the Way I’ve Started’”

  1. Lorena is looking rather dominant. I think this season will reveal a lot about her place in women’s golf, especially with Annika healthy and the other top LPGA players gunning for her.

  2. Lorena Ochoa is remarkable. I hope she’s as good for women’s golf as Tiger has been for African American golf. Lorena could really attract more Latinos to the game and that’s a good thing, too.

  3. Glad that some new blood has come up to take the mantle off Annika

    Not at all surprised that the ‘new best thing’ in Womens golf this season isn’t MICHELLE WIE. Of course she’s still extremely young, but… Has she become the golf version of tennis’ Anna Kournikova?

    Anyway it’s gonna be an exciting season. The only certainty is that they’re all better looking that Scotlands own Laura Davies!!!


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