Leave Rory Alone

Leave Rory Alone 1
Rory McIlroy

RORY MCILROY FAMOUSLY MISSED THE CUT last week at Abu Dhabi, his season opener, as did his Nike stablemate Tiger Woods. McIlroy didn’t hit it well and didn’t putt it well. And he certainly didn’t score well, carding a pair of 75s.

Some folks blamed that new Swoosh on his golf clubs. Predictable.

I think Larry Dorman has it right. Here’s what Dorman wrote in his equipment column at PGATour.com:

With the spotlight comes the microscope and the pointed questions follow. And when McIlroy hit some uncharacteristically stray shots and missed the cut at Abu Dhabi, it took about a micro-second for some equipment mavens to wonder aloud whether he had gone after the fast bucks and abandoned the tools that got him to the top, thus imperiling this season and impeding his progress. 

Here’s the quick answer to that: you’re joking, right? (bold added)

Dorman points out that McIlroy has done pretty well with other recent career decisions, including changing his management company and rejoining the PGA Tour. He contends that Rory didn’t just take the money (an estimated $20 million annually) and run. He’s smarter than that.

So, take it easy, everyone. Yes, equipment changes are tricky, but, considering Rory’s immense talent, I expect he’ll do just fine with the Swoosh. I mean, young McIlroy has barely had time to get those clubs dirty.

Now if Rors is still shooting 75 in April, we’ll all be shaking our heads. And all those Swooshes will turn upside down into a bunch of frowns.

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