Las Vegas Without Golf Clubs

Las Vegas Without Golf Clubs 1I flew into Las Vegas yesterday afternoon for my nephew’s wedding. It was 31 degrees and windy when I left home. The Las Vegas weather forecast is monotonous in a way that I can definitely handle: 79, 79, 79. (Hey, I’d take those as golf scores, too!)

I have something in common with South African pro Louis Oosthuizen: no golf clubs. Not because of the airlines, though.

I didn’t bring my clubs because this weekend isn’t about golf. I don’t often see my family since we live on separate coasts, so it will be great to spend time together. Maybe I’ll also catch a little March Madness and golf on the tube.

I may be sans clubs, but what I did bring (besides a dark suit for the wedding) is a pair of shorts, something I haven’t worn for at least six months.

-The Armchair Golfer

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  1. I with ya on the Family Visit thing…you gotta do the family visit thing. I am just glad that all my family on both sides all play golf…so guess what our family visit thing is?


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