The Lady Bombers

Day 138 without playing golf

Note to David Toms: Don’t look now, but the ladies are gaining on you. Check out these driving averages from the 2006 LPGA Tour statistics:

Karin Sjodin: 295.3
Natalie Tucker: 290.7
Brittany Lang: 287.8
Sophie Gustafson: 281.8
Brittany Lincicome: 280.2
Minea Blomqvist: 280.2

“There’s no doubt in my mind swing speeds are increasing,” David Leadbetter, who coaches Wie and several others on both tours, told USA Today.

“Certainly with the equipment nowadays they can go at the ball a lot harder without fear of going that much off line.

“There’s a lot more emphasis placed on torsion and coil and leverage. Basically, the women are being taught very much along the same lines as the men,” Leadbetter said.

“You don’t have to consider strength as a factor so much. These girls are working out like fiends. It’s a trend that’s going to continue.”

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