Ladies European Tour Player Meghan MacLaren on What the Media Won’t Say

Embed from Getty ImagesAT LPGA.COM, LADIES EUROPEAN TOUR player Meghan MacLaren published a thoughtful essay on the ups and downs of competing at a high level in a professional sport like golf.

MacLaren is a two-time winner on the Ladies European Tour.

She begins:

Some things seem to get clearer with age, and experience.

Others get more blurry.

I remember overhearing a pro golfer a couple of years ago describe the majority of our profession as “highly functioning depressives,” and without wanting to make light of real mental health issues, I don’t think it’s far off the mark. The customary asterisk fits here – a lot of professional golfers have a very privileged lifestyle, and I don’t take for granted for a second the fact I get to do what I love for a living. Regardless of how my writing comes across, I wouldn’t change it. But.

Hanging on to the vision is like trying to hang on to a cliff face sometimes.

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