Kraft Nabisco Championship: Who Lorena Ochoa Always Watches

Kraft Nabisco Championship: Who Lorena Ochoa Always Watches 1(N Gottwald/Flickr)

Here’s an interesting excerpt from Lorena Ochoa’s press conference after yesterday’s first round at the Kraft Nabisco Championship:

Q. Lorena, playing up ahead of you was Annika. A lot of players are saying they are looking for your name on the board, to keep track of you. Do you still look at Annika and where she is, even now?
LORENA OCHOA: All the time.

Q. All the time?


Q. Tell me why.

LORENA OCHOA: Because she is a player to watch. She is so good and so consistent and she likes to win, and that gives − that always keeps me, you know, in a way alert and motivated and know where I stand. I am a person that always likes to look at the leaderboard, even if it’s not Annika, some other player, but to see her name means something, you have to watch out.

Lorena shot a 68 in the opening round and is currently tied for the lead part way through her second round. And Annika? She is within striking distance, just a few shots back.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. I like watching Lorena play because of the skill and determination. I think you can see it in her eyes. That is where all the top players show it just look at Annika or Tiger,some might say they look moody but I think it is just where the winning desire shows.


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