King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Slice’

King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Slice’ 1
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Like Big Shooter, many amateurs battle the banana ball. How about you? Do you fight a slice? Have you found any useful remedies (besides not playing)?

I can’t say I fight the slice, although I am prone to the blocked shot, or a push fade. It happens when I come up out of the shot instead of swinging all the way through.

−The Armchair Golfer

Jerry King is an award-winning cartoonist whose credits and clients include Golf Digest, United States Golf Association and Disney. His golf cartoons are featured weekly at ARMCHAIR GOLF.

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7 thoughts on “King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Slice’”

  1. I only slice when all of the prime position targets are left and the OB stakes, lateral hazards, jungles, forests and U.S. Open rough is on the right side.

    I rarely slice, but it seems I really pay the price when I do…

  2. I’ve cured it now. At least I hope I have. ;o) But I remember reading one of John Daly’s books where he comments on accepting what you have on the course on any given day. If you keep slicing, play the slice by lining up on the right side of the tee box and aiming left.

  3. I found the cure to my TERRIBLE slice was to learn how to keep my arms closer to my body(the infamous towel under your arm drill) and to practice improving the clubhead speed which also improves distance.

    Once I fixed it I shaved an average of 10 strokes per round. Check out my blog…


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