King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Blue in the Face’

King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Blue in the Face’ 1

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What’s the longest you’ve held your breath in order to receive permission to play golf? Seriously, do you have an understanding spouse, significant other, parent, or best friend when it comes to your golf habit? Do you ever feel guilty for making the choice to golf rather than spending time with others?

I’ve never gotten any grief from my wife for my interest in golf. She grew up with a father who played golf every weekend, unless he was hunting or fishing. Sometimes her pop took the whole family along for a golf outing, something she didn’t enjoy much. To this day, she is not a golfer (although she knows the game pretty well).

Compared to her father, I play very little. I don’t usually disappear for days or long hours, honing my game at Great Oaks, our local club. But I do watch my share of golf on the tube, and, well, there’s this blog thing.

−The Armchair Golfer

Jerry King is an award-winning cartoonist whose credits and clients include Golf Digest, United States Golf Association and Disney. His golf cartoons are a regular feature at ARMCHAIR GOLF.

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  1. I am glad my girl understands my golf addiction coz i play/watch a lot of golf and i've never had any complaints. I have won the occasional meat pack in our club tournaments so that probably keeps her happy. Any other girl would have left me a long time ago.


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