Karrie Webb Comparing Herself to Annika: ‘I’ve Got More Shots in My Bag’

Day 102 without playing golf

In a pre-tournament interview posted at LPGA.com, Karrie Webb talked about her desire to reclaim the #1 spot in the ladies’ game. Here’s an excerpt:

Q. If we’re talking about number one then we have to talk about Annika. How big do you perceive that gap to be from where you are now?

KARRIE WEBB: A lot of it I think for me is mental. She believes in herself 110 percent and I’m not quite there when I’m on the golf course. I’ve seen the work I’ve done and I’m hitting shots that I can’t even believe I’m hitting. I’ve just got to take it out on the golf course. As far as physical ability, I don’t think there is much difference between her and I. She hits it further than me now but I’ve got more shots in my bag. She’s just so strong mentally and on a high wave of confidence too, so if I can get on that wave of confidence I don’t see that there’s that much difference between us.

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