John Daly Suspended for Six Months

John Daly Suspended for Six Months 1WHAT A WAY TO END the year. The PGA Tour has suspended John Daly for six months “for conduct that brought unwelcome publicity.” His most recent problems were a drunken episode in North Carolina and a camera-smashing incident with a golf fan in Australia.

“Is it fair that I got suspended? It’s not fair in reality, but it’s probably fair in perception,” JD told The Associated Press on New Year’s Eve.

Daly also reportedly called it the lowest point in his 18-year career. And that’s saying something. The PGA Tour declined comment.

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7 thoughts on “John Daly Suspended for Six Months”

  1. It’s not like he had a lot of events lined up. Maybe the Euro Tour will help him back. Methinks it’s the demon alcohol though. Let’s wish him the best, for his life’s sake.

    I used to have a drinking problem. Two hands, one mouth.

  2. The live fast, love hard, die young philosophy that evidently Daly embraces,sounds a lot better on paper than it is in reality. Some people never grow up enough to realize that they’re growing old and the world has moved on. A shame, really, because when it came to golfing talent, no one could better him. The game, unfortunately for him, is not played on the driving range, it’s played on the course. You can only wish him well and think of what might have been.

  3. I read in one of your previous posts that John Daly had raked in nearly 3 million dollars worth of publicity for Australian golf and you finished off that bit which you had taken from the Australian publication by saying “he evidently does not need a PGA Tour card”. Well, now that is a bummer but I guess something that he brought on himself.

    He has done enough to tarnish American golf’s image which it has being trying to nurture for the last 150 years. Even though I have previously said that the game of golf needs to have characters like John Daly, his latest antics are honestly unacceptable. But what intrigues me is the fact that the PGA has powers to suspend a players for things he is done off the course. That is if they are taking into account the Hooters incident) and their decision to suspend a player for what he did in a tournament in Australia where even the tournament organsiers refused to pen the blame on John Daly for his camera breaking antic. It is quite an interesting decision but surprises me even more is that John Daly decides to call it the lowest point of his career. This from a player who came from nowhere to win a Major and then engulfed himself in personal problems. It would be interesting to see the reactions to this decision.


    Rob Turner

  4. It’s hard to see John turning it around when he keeps making the same mistakes and then rationalizes his behavior. I’m sure he’ll remain popular — he’s a sports cult figure and good copy — but his game and life off the course is headed in the wrong direction.

  5. I just really hope he doesn’t do anything really stupid in the upcoming months…if he make it through this patch – then maybe he can turn it all around….talk about comeback player of the year.


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