John Daly, the PGA and a Golf Folk Song

With John Daly in contention at the PGA at Southern Hills, it seemed like the right time to dust off these ridiculous verses I wrote a while back.

JD, I’m still waiting for you to put some music to them.

John Daly, Golf Ball Driving Man

(Based on the folk song, “John Henry, Steel Driving Man”)

John Daly was a golfer
He gripped and ripped and let fly,
“Tee ’em up and swing from the heels,
I’ll out drive you or I’ll die.”

John Daly’s caddy came to him
With a driver in his hand,
He laid his hand on John’s shoulder and said:
“This belongs to a golf ball driving man.”

John Daly’s caddy said to him:
“I believe a storm’s coming in!”
John Daly said to his caddy: “Oh, Lord!
That’s my golf ball you hear in the wind.”

John Daly said to his caddy:
“I play for the common man,
When this old life beats me down,
I’ll die with a driver in my hand.”

The Armchair Golfer

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4 thoughts on “John Daly, the PGA and a Golf Folk Song”

  1. Love it…The PGA should pay Daly each time he plays. He makes the game so much exciting than anyone else, including Tiger. He is incredibly talented. Tiger is incredibly skilled. I guess the point is, it’s always better to be incredibly skilled than incredibly talented.

  2. John Daly is incredibly talented, there’s no doubt about it. Tiger Woods is also incredibly talented, though.

    The difference between them is, if John Daly had half of Tiger Woods’ work ethic, he’d have won 10 majors by now.

    Imagine if John Daly had the same work ethic as Tiger Woods.


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