John Daly, Golf Ball Driving Man

(Based on an early folk song version of John Henry, Steel Driving Man)

John Daly was a golfer
He gripped and ripped and let fly,
“Tee ’em up and swing from the heels,
I’ll out drive you or I’ll die.”

John Daly’s caddy came to him
With a driver in his hand,
He laid his hand on John’s shoulder and said:
“This belongs to a golf ball driving man.”

John Daly’s caddy said to him:
“I believe a storm’s coming in!”
John Daly said to his caddy: “Oh, Lord!
That’s my golf ball you hear in the wind.”

John Daly said to his caddy:
“I play for the common man,
When this old life beats me down,
I’ll die with a driver in my hand.”

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