John Daly Camera Injury: What I Don’t Understand

John Daly Camera Injury: What I Don't Understand 1A golf fan with a camera felled John Daly yesterday at the Honda Classic. Instead of grip it and rip it, it was grip it and click it on Daly’s third hole of the day. Daly injured himself when he stopped mid-swing. Shortly thereafter he headed for the medical trailer.

This from the AP story:

“The fan, who was not identified by the tour, is a resident of the PGA National complex where the tournament is being held and, because she lives on-site, it wasn’t clear if she went through standard security screening. She was unaware of the tournament’s no-camera policy, Honda executive director Ken Kennerly said.”

What I don’t get: the part about not knowing the no-camera policy. Really? That surprises me.

It’s another bizarre episode in the golf life of John Daly. And a tough break since JD was playing on a sponsor’s exemption. There are only so many sponsor exemptions, even for John Daly.

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  1. She should be shot! How can you be so stupid living on the bloody golf course and not know about the rules of a tournament?… Anyone who plays the game or is close to it knows distractions are disastrous… and for the PGA players it is their “office”.



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