John Cook Joins Champions Tour

“I went to bed September 4, 1992, and I was old and washed up. I woke up a rookie. What could be better?”
−Raymond Floyd

It’s hard to believe John Cook, an 11-time PGA Tour winner and a top 30 career money winner, turned 50 on October 2. But it’s true, which means he’s the newest rookie on the old guys circuit.

Cook will make his Champions Tour debut this week at the Administaff Small Business Classic at the Augusta Pines Golf Course in Texas. Cook said he still has a lot to prove after a “nice” career that didn’t include any majors.

Like Mark O’Meara, Cook is a longtime buddy of Tiger Woods. Cook was one of the veteran players Woods sought out early on in his pro career.

Tiger will be watching Cook’s progress, Cook said. When asked by AP if there would be texting with Tiger during Champions Tour events, Cook said, “Guaranteed, definitely.”

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5 thoughts on “John Cook Joins Champions Tour”

  1. lancer:

    You’re right…Champions Tour is PC at it’s finest!

    I personally think it should be called the Geezers Tour. That would go over well with the corporate sponsors, huh? 😉

    I love the quote from Floyd, I haven’t read that before, and Neil you have educated me yet again with the nugget about Tiger seeking out John Cook. He designed a nice golf course here in central Ohio, Cooks Creek. If you’re ever up here, look me up and we’ll go play it. That goes for anyone who visits here.

  2. Cook has also designed “NorthStar” in Sunbury, Ohio. It’s a long course from the tips playing at about 7,500 yards. It’s pretty open on the front and tighter on the back. A bunch of water and 52 bunkers. Bent grass greens, tees, and fairways.

    I have worked there for the past 4 years, ever since it was farm fields. Now it’s open to the public and getting more members by the day. His dad Jim pretty much runs the course now, and I think they sold Cook’s Creek in Circleville.

    I have played both courses and right now… Cook’s Creek is the better course. With some time to grow in and mature, NorthStar will definitely surpass Cooks due to it’s huge greens and fairways and more difficult layout.

    I can’t wait to play the Cook’s Creek maintenance crew again in our biannual match…NorthStar Maintenance against Cook’s Maintenance.


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