Jimenez Takes Broken Leg in Stride

Jimenez Takes Broken Leg in Stride 1
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MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ, THE MOST INTERESTING golfer in the world, broke his tibia last week on a ski slope not far from his home in Malaga, Spain, and will be out of golf action for three to five months, according to the European Tour.

“I was going down a hill and lost control briefly and when I fell it was very sore,” Jimenez said at EuropeanTour.com.

“I knew immediately I had broken something. The medical staff at Sierra Nevada took me for an x-ray straight away and I am very thankful to them, as well as all of the staff at the hospital, for their quick and professional response.”

The 19-time European Tour winner who made history when he won in Hong Kong last month can’t stay off the slopes. He loves to ski, just like he loves cigars, wine, fast cars and birdies.

“When I took up skiing I knew the risks that I was taking but I love it so much I could not stop,” Jimenez said. “It has not all been bad news for me to finish the year, however, and in just a few days I will be opening my new golf school near Torremolinos.”

Jimenez was scheduled to go home on Monday with a set of crutches and an uncertain golf future. (He will be 49 on Saturday.) But, as you might expect, the broken leg did not break his spirit.

“I was playing well,” he said, “but you have to take life as it comes.”

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