Jim McLean Golf Instruction: Tee-In-Grip Drill

Jim McLean Golf Instruction: Tee-In-Grip Drill 1By Jim McLean

(Editor’s note: This is the sixth of a seven-part series on spring, er, now summer, practice drills.)

The golfer’s overactive, improper use of the hands causes the clubhead to rotate dramatically over and well inside the target line. In turn, the golfer’s arms and body are not in sync.

In order to hit a powerful shot, he or she must rely on some kind of miraculous manipulation with the hands. The chances of success? Slim and none.

Goal: To learn to blend body movement with the actions of the hands and arms. When these factors are in sync, no mid-swing compensations are needed, and a repeatable good swing is easier to attain.

Practice procedure:
Using a five-iron or longer club, place a tee peg in the vent hold of the grip. Choke down on the grip slightly. Now, make a very short mini-backswing, keeping the distance between the tee and your belt buckle constant. Repeat and you should feel zero hand action.

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