Jim McLean Instruction: Spring Practice Drills

Jim McLean Instruction: Spring Practice Drills 1By Jim McLean

(Editor’s note: This is the beginning of a series of seven spring practice drills.)


Problem: The player experiences first-tee jitters and can’t take his or her mind off the trees, rough and water bordering the fairway.

Result: The player makes a nervous swing and hits a wayward opening tee shot.

Goal: Find a mental key that will help the player forget the surrounding trouble and focus on the fairway.

Practice procedure:
Here’s a drill I learned from mental coach Chuck Hogan. Each time you address the ball in practice, imagine a ring of fire a few feet in front of your ball. Now, just concentrate on hitting the ball through that big circle. Bring this image with you to the first tee and keep using it throughout the round.

Next time: Stretch-Your-Imagination Drill

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