Jim McLean Instruction: Grapefruit Drill

Jim McLean Instruction: Grapefruit Drill 1By Jim McLean

(Editor’s note: This week is the final installment of Jim’s indoor drills. Last time he covered the Right Arm Only Drill.)

SQUARING THE CLUBFACE AT IMPACT is the only way to ensure solid consistent contact. This drill will help you focus on keeping the clubface square during the swing path.

Address an imaginary ball keeping the hands separated as if you were holding a grapefruit. Now swing back and through coordinating the swinging of your arms with the movements of your body as practiced in the Body Coil Drill.

Along the way, stop at three checkpoints to ensure you are in the correct position:

  1. At the point when your arm is parallel to the ground, freeze and look to make sure both thumbs are facing towards the sky. We do not want to see them pointing out in front of you (this means the club is “tipped-over”) or behind you (this means the arms have rolled away from takeaway). While in this position check that the weight is almost fully transferred to the right side.

  2. At impact pause and double check that the left wrist is pointing towards the target. It is a good idea to feel at this point as if you were dragging a paintbrush so that the wrists slightly lead the finger tips into the impact position. Weight should be moving to the left side.

  3. Post impact, pause and look to see that the hands have turned so both thumbs are now back to facing the sky.

When performed correctly, this will improve both release and swing path positions throughout the swing.

Next time: Spring Practice Drills

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