Jill McGill’s LPGA Tour Diary: Volunteers

Jill McGill’s LPGA Tour Diary: Volunteers 1By Jill McGill

RECENTLY AT THE KINGSMILL event [Michelob ULTRA Open] I was reminded of what it takes to make a golf tournament operate. It can be summed up in one word: volunteers!

To apply to be a volunteer, here are the qualities you must possess:

  1. A love for your community.
  2. A giving attitude.
  3. Money to purchase your uniform.
  4. Ability to combat boredom (a good book, mornings puzzles, etc.)
  5. A friendly disposition.
  6. A problem-solving mentality.
  7. A nurturing side to coddle whiners.

I’m sure the list is longer, but these are the things that immediately come to mind. There isn’t an event that takes place without somebody generously pitching in to make it run smoothly.

So, a very sincere thanks and a big hug to all of you who have ever volunteered. I appreciate the endless hours you have spent sitting and waiting, running short on sleep, and putting our tour on your list of priorities.

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2 thoughts on “Jill McGill’s LPGA Tour Diary: Volunteers”

  1. I’m sure the volunteers are thrilled to be able to catch a glimpse of some amazing golfing gals. I definitely hope to do an event or two when the kids are bit older.

    As for topics, I love hearing insights about what it’s really like to be on tour. I think you are a wonderfully honest writer and that is so refreshing.

    I’d love to hear about how you fight through a round that starts off rough, or what you do after the tourney is over. Hit the range, restaurant or bed? Or how do you get ready for a morning of tough competition. Hope that helps. Love your posts.


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