Jill McGill’s LPGA Tour Diary: ‘Moving Forward’

Jill McGill’s LPGA Tour Diary: ‘Moving Forward’ 1By Jill McGill

(Editor’s note: This is a continuation of Jill’s recent report, Funk.)

ON SATURDAY ARMED WITH A FULL tank of gas and positive vibes from some really good shots hit in Phoenix, including some really nice chips, pitches and putts, we were off to the first major of the year.

Again, with stellar preparation I was ready to tee it up on Thursday. I had made six birdies and no bogeys in the pro-am and was pulling from the pictures and good-feeling shots going into the first round.

I had a solid performance
for the first time in a while at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. I scored even par, carding five birdies and five bogeys. For those of you who play a lot of golf and follow golf, you know the importance of getting birdies going. It is quite a confidence boost.

We enjoyed a very relaxing evening at a wonderful Italian restaurant with dear friends that recharged the batteries for Friday. Now that I’m going over the week’s events, I’m wondering if my tooth falling out on Friday morning was a foreshadowing of the day to come.

Caught in yet another wind storm reaching gusts of 60 M.P.H. was not playing in my favor. Ever the optimist, I figured at least half the field was on the course in the same conditions. However, admittedly so, as the round progressed I seriously questioned the decision to continue play. You be the judge:

  1. A ball at rest for five to seven minutes moved from a 15-foot birdie putt to 10 yards short of the green.
  2. Heavy signage on the back of the tee was blown over and endangered spectators and players.
  3. A ball at rest replaced to putt was blown off the green into a hazard more then one time.
  4. Numerous port-a-potties were blown over on the course.
  5. The highway a few miles away was shut down.
  6. The airport was shut down.
  7. Palm fawns almost hit people.
  8. Putting greens looked like war zones.

Fact or excuse?

I watched my playing partner shoot 4 over (it seemed like 4 under), and the eventual champion played in my wave. So, it definitely could be done.

Reflecting on the three weeks
, I’m choosing to take some middle ground. There were definitely some challenging elements. I definitely could have played better. But I can’t have a pity party.

The life of a professional athlete is about always moving forward. My goal is to maintain a positive attitude and visit a voodoo doll specialist to get my karma turned around.

This week:
Jill tees it up at the Corona Championship.

For more on Jill, visit JillMcGill.com.

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  1. Play should have been suspended. I have a hard enough time with some of the ROG (sorry traditionalists), but watching balls blown off the green and having players pay the price is falt out ridiculous.


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