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Since he doesn’t have his own blog, I guess you might call this the unofficial blog of Jack Fleck.

But Jack does have his own Web site (link at right in sidebar). And he has a laptop, too. Not bad for an 85-year-old U.S. Open champion.

I’ve been talking to Jack on a regular basis since I spent four days with him last month at the Legends of Golf in Savannah. I had a great time there, and might hook up again with Jack and the other golf legends later this year.

Today, Jack told me he doesn’t plan to attend the U.S. Open next month at Oakmont. He has a lot going on and doesn’t want the travel hassles.

Jack tied for 52nd at the 1953 U.S. Open played at Oakmont. Ben Hogan won that year, his record-tying fourth National Open. Of course, Jack denied “The Hawk” a record-breaking fifth U.S. Open two years later at the Olympic Club in San Francisco.

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  1. Thanks, Lancer and MCPO Airdale. Jack is doing well and leads a very active life, including lots of golf and work for the First Tee Program. You would be surprised at how well he plays.


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