INFOGRAPHIC: The World’s Best Golf Courses

READER PARTICIPATION. MAYBE BETWEEN ALL OF US we’ve played these 18 “world’s best golf courses.” I’ve played Pebble Beach. Which ones have you played? Comments are open.

The Worlds Best Golf Courses

The World’s Best Golf Courses – Infographic | Club Med

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5 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: The World’s Best Golf Courses”

  1. Played Pebble and the Old Course at St. Andrews from the list above. I doubt I will ever play any of the other courses listed. One of just many frustrations in my golf life is that so many of the "top" courses in the USA are private and usually very exclusive.

    Pine Valley is always at the top or near the top of many lists. I sometimes wonder if the media pundits and the golfing elite are pulling a fast one on the rest of us. Is there really a course called Pine Valley? Is it really as special a place as a select few want us to believe? How would we, the dregs of golfdom ever know? At least Augusta is on TV every year whereas Pine Valley is only known to the rest of us by its presence on top 10 lists.


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