I’m Thankful for Eric

Why? Because Eric is the friend who made me play golf today, the day before Thanksgiving.

OK, OK. Eric didn’t make me. But he did twist my arm. Really. Smiling, he walked up, grabbed my arm, and twisted.

I hadn’t played a round of any kind since mid September. Pitiful. No good excuse. I’ve just been jamming hard on some projects and golf — at least the playing variety — has not been a priority. It should be, but sometimes I just let it go when I’m trying to make my time count in other areas.

So we went out this morning and played nine holes. It was great, terrific, fantastic. I don’t know how much I miss the game until I play it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Armchair Golfer

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4 thoughts on “I’m Thankful for Eric”

  1. And happy Thanksgiving to you…obviously you were either playing so well that you didn’t want to give out the score or you played so poorly that you’d just as soon keep it to yourself. At any rate, it was good that you were able to get out and flog it around, if only for 9 holes.


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