I Played in World’s Smallest Golf Tournament

I Played in World’s Smallest Golf Tournament 1
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I DON’T USUALLY WRITE about my personal golf escapades, because as busy as I am writing about golf (and other things) I’m just not playing that much. Unfortunate, but true. Besides, ARMCHAIR GOLF has morphed into a blog that covers pro golf. I certainly don’t fall into that category.

Still, I do want to tell you that I broke out the clubs today to play in a scramble event. I was invited to join a friend’s group. I didn’t have to pay an entry fee or anything. Just show up, he said. That’s a no-brainer, even for me.

The occasion was the first annual chamber of commerce tournament for our small town. (And I do mean small.) We were supposed to play last October, but the weather was so bad they postponed the tournament until the spring (today). So, I showed up, and it was a gorgeous day, perfect for golf.

Now I have a new “small town” joke for you. Ready? Here goes:

“My town is small. How small? The chamber of commerce golf tournament only had three groups.”

Only it’s not a joke!

When I arrived at the club, I walked up to check in and asked if it was a shotgun start. A guy named Derrick said no, we were all going off No. 1, starting in about five minutes. There are three groups, he added.

I smiled. Only in my town. Hey, the game or tournament must go on. We played it. I told my friend Eric on the first tee we had a lock on third. We laughed.

How’d we do?

We played our butts off and won the thing. So what if the field was a little thin? And we took home some nice cash. Really. I’m still shaking my head.

−The Armchair Golfer

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7 thoughts on “I Played in World’s Smallest Golf Tournament”

  1. I am sure the ‘cash’ you won was in the form of pro shop credits, so as not to be confused with a professional purse.

    Only kidding, of course, but a friend of mine had an ace a few years ago at a large charity outing and won an SUV. Acceptance of the prize made him a professional and he had to wait a year to be reinstated as amateur. They have since modified that rule

  2. Congrats! Hey, a tournament is a tournament. Glad you had a chance to play and played well.

    My most major winning to this day was an enormous bottle of Grey Goose for my hole in one.


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