I Miss Torrey Pines

Day 95 without playing golf

Long ago in what seems like another lifetime (when I actually played golf), I lived in San Diego. I completed college at San Diego State. I started my professional career at General Dynamics. And I played golf at Torrey Pines, site of this week’s Buick Invitational.

As muni golf goes, Torrey Pines is hard to beat. It’s 36 holes of generous fairways and large greens on bluffs overlooking miles of Pacific coastline. The North Course — the track I usually played because it was easier to get on — is the easier of the two courses. But it’s no pushover.

The South Course, which they’ve stretched out considerably since I played it, is long and difficult in spots. For example, number 12, a par four that plays into the wind toward the ocean, is a bear.

Breaking 80, a good day on any golf course for me, was an especially good score on the South Course. I think I did it just once, and that was a 75 on a calm day when the tees were up. I did produce some fairly low scores on the North Course, usually one really good nine and a mediocre nine.

However, the best part of playing Torrey was the gorgeous setting and being with my golf buddies. We played early on Saturday mornings, literally at the crack of dawn. We’d be off the tee at 6:30 or 7 and finished by 11.

Except for playing golf with my Dad growing up, I have no fonder golf memories.

The Armchair Golfer

P.S. I have some other Torrey stories that I hope to share. Although there’s one I’m afraid to tell because it sounds unbelievable, even though it’s true.

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  1. I have fond memories of playing at Torrey also growing up in SD. Do they still give you tee times by the order of your golf bag at the starters window the night before? I remember many nights sleeping in the parking lot to secure a tee time the next day. Does this still go on?


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