How I Play on Those Rare Occasions When I Play

Day 103 without playing golf

“Just curious, but what kind of game do you have after laying off so long?”

Well, since you (Lancer) asked a couple of days ago, I’ll answer. Maybe some of the rest of you are curious, too. If not, I’ll keep it short.

For a guy who in the last three or four years has only teed it up about a half dozen times, I play OK. At least half those rounds have been in tournaments.

You see, despite now being The Armchair Golfer, I played a lot of golf growing up. That’s what I did in the summertime during my teens.

I gave up baseball as a freshman in high school and played varsity golf all four years. Don’t be too impressed — those first couple of years our golf team wasn’t too swift. I also played some college golf.

So when I do get out on the links, I have an idea about what I’m doing and how to play the game. I have a swing that works fairly well even when I haven’t played. I can usually get the ball rolling smoothly on the greens and drop a few putts, although it might take a few holes.

But a hundred yards and in, pitching and chipping, and anything that takes some feel (other than putting), forget it. Can’t do it well or consistently when I haven’t played. Maybe you can relate.

The Armchair Golfer

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