Hold the Tiger Comparisons, Please

Hold the Tiger Comparisons, Please 1Anthony Kim

ON TODAY’S GOLF MENU, I’d like a well-done Anthony Kim story. But hold the Tiger comparisons, please.

For anyone, say, over 40, do you remember how many “next Jack Nicklaus” stories there were? A bunch. Every time someone won a big tournament, had a good year, or grabbed a major, the ink would fly. Especially if the dude had blond hair. (Think Hal Sutton, for instance.)

There was only one Jack, though.

That’s why I say, “Stop it, y’all.” Yes, Anthony Kim is young, talented and has won twice this year. But that doesn’t mean he has earned a spot in the same sentence with Tiger Woods. Not even close.

Leave Anthony alone. That “next Jack” or “next Tiger” kind of talk has crushed players. Just let him play. If he keeps winning, there will be plenty of time to fit him with a crown.

-The Armchair Golfer

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  1. Bless your heart for typing what’s been running through my mind for months. I, too, think the media is too gung-ho on this Next Tiger thing. And unfortunately, because the media has been singing the praises of Kim for about a year despite the fact he hadn’t won anything up until about a month ago, I now don’t like the ‘player Anthony Kim’ – that’s in quotes because I want to differentiate between the player and the person. I don’t know him personally so I don’t know if I would like him or not. But the media has definitely squashed any hope I might have had for finding something to like about him.


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