Hit It Pure Like Ernie Els

Day 101 without playing golf

I wouldn’t expect you to take swing advice from yours truly, a guy who doesn’t play golf. But how about a tip related to one of the sweetest swingers in the game — Ernie Els?

Have you ever noticed how those smooth, rhythmic swings produce some of your longest, purest shots? Here’s a tip on Els swing that I ran across in PGA Tour Partners:

“As a young boy in South Africa, Ernie Els discovered the sponge balls he hit in his family garden went farther with a slower, rhythmic, partial swing than when he swung hard for a full shot. The ‘Big Easy’ swing was born.

“When you swing harder the ball spins more and flies higher, and your shot will be shorter. It’s better to take an extra club and make a more relaxed, rhythmic swing — with a full shoulder turn — to give yourself a better chance of catching the ball perfectly at impact.”

Easy does it.

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