Help a Reader Going to the Masters

Ric and his pals are going to the Masters and need some advice. In an email I received this past weekend, he writes:

“My buddies and I are going to the Masters Practice Rounds this April and have no idea what to expect in terms of having a full experience. Can you direct me to any Web sites or blogs (or anything else) that can serve as a travel guide? All I can offer is information about golf in Vermont.”

Please provide any suggestions by commenting to this post or email me and I’ll get the info to Ric.

Thanks in advance for helping a fellow golf fan. (Oops, I mean golf patron.)

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  1. I went to the Wednesday practice round last year and it was awesome. We toured and walked the entire course to our hearts content. Take it all in and get some autographs at the driving range. Buy a Masters flag when you first get in the gate and take a sharpie with you. I am going with my Dad and 3 other buddies to the Monday practice round this year and can’t wait! A short month from today.


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