Harrison Frazar Whips Field With 59

Harrison Frazar Whips Field With 59 1

OK, MAYBE I’VE GOT THE WRONG HARRISON in the picture. But hear me out.

As far as I’m concerned, any dude who can put up a 59 in Q-school when his tour career is on the line could probably recover the ark, frustrate the Nazis AND get the girl.

That’s all I’m saying.

I like the way Frazar did it, too. He went out in 30. That’s pretty smoking hot. Then Harrison makes a routine par on 10 and reels off seven straight birdies. A ho-hum par on the 18th hole and there it is, a 59.

Frazar leads Q-school by five shots going into Monday’s final round. I’m going out on a limb and saying Harrison is getting his card. And maybe a fedora and whip, too.

−The Armchair Golfer

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7 thoughts on “Harrison Frazar Whips Field With 59”

  1. “He needs to get more serious during play.”

    Sam Snead tried that in his 1st tournament and promptly drove 2 out of bounds. He went back to his relaxed style, drove the green, and made double bogey to keep himself in the tournament.

    My point is, Hogan’s way back then and Tiger’s way today isn’t everybody’s way.

  2. Great post. Like you, I think he’ll probably get his card. How he does on the tour is something else entirely. Last year’s leading qualifier didn’t have all that great a year once play began.

  3. Tom you know what im talking about… he need to get more serious about his game, not trying to get tiger serious, come on, look at his ranking 160 player ranking and 440k money earnings in 2008. He is one of these roller coaster players.

  4. “Tom you know what im talking about…”

    No, actually I didn’t. When you said, “…get more serious during play.” I assumed that was exactly what you meant. I wasn’t trying to be difficult, I truly thought this was your intent.

    “He is one of these roller coaster players.”

    Yes. Golf has a way of making even the best in the world a “roller coaster” player. Golf is the most difficult game in the world, and it’s difficult to consistently get to the professional scoring level, let alone trying to consistently win on tour.

    Just ask David Duval, John Daly, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Davis Love III, Vijay Singh…hell, everybody is a “roller coaster” player, except for Tiger, Nicklaus, and (formerly) Hogan.

    Have you ever thought that Frazar is ranked about where he should be? There are a lot of players in the Nationwide Tour that would love to be where Frazar is right now.

    My point is, there are a lot of unrealistic expectations put on these guys…all of them. It’s incredibly competitive and ridiculously tough just to make it and then to stay on the PGA tour. Tiger doesn’t help this perception because he seems to make it look so easy, but he’s a rare player that only appears once in a blue moon.

    Who knows? A 59 in Q-school may just give him the confidence to unleash that golf monster inside him for good, and he’ll win a few majors now.

  5. I’d like to add a couple more things. I’d submit to you that any PGA Tour player is capable of carding a 59. What they’re usually not capable of is maintaining a high level of consistency with scoring.

    Further, if you’d have said that John Daly needs to get more serious, then I’d have understood exactly what you meant. John Daly is usually in the news for the wrong reasons, and Harrison Frazar is in the news for the right reasons. Frazar has his act together. Daly doesn’t.

    Anyway, I hope this helps explain my point of view.


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